Remember those old high school days when a popular girl would walk down the corridor? If you would take your eyes off her and carefully observe the surrounding, you will find students with different reaction. Some of them admiring her, others giving a disapproving look, yet there will be others staring at her who would do anything to be her friend 😛

Ever wondered what is the reason behind these orthogonal feelings?

Let us understand the the word Popular
According to etymology, the word means “favored by people  generally”. Then why such mixed feelings towards popular people… Can we justify each emotion? Yes, we can…

Have you ever tried Bhel puri chaat? It is an Indian recipe which is a delicious mixture of puffed rice, onion, potato, tomato and sweet, sour and spicy chutneys. The appropriate proportion of all the ingredients is the reason behind this yummy street food..just like the appropriate proportion of good and not-so-good 😉 qualities leads to popularity. But according to psychology, extroverts and self-centered characters display similar cues. So confusion between being popular and being good (whose definition varies from person to person) leads to those aforementioned orthogonal feelings. An individual exuding an air of popularity is a blend of multiple traits (which may not be appealing separately) in right proportion!

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