Daily Prompt: Believe

With that wistful smile on her face she stared as the bride hugged her father affectionately. She struggled to comprehend her emotions. She was puzzled whenever she saw a father tossing his daughter in the air, whenever an amused father looked at his frowning daughter, whenever a responsible father held his daughter’s hand firmly and crossed the road…The term father was just a concept in her head.

Whenever there was a loving father, there was that wistful smile on her face. But somehow she could neither Believe nor feel the warmth…

In the course of life she met an elderly man. She called him doctor as he had solution to all the problems she was facing.  While teaching her life skills, he would either be a doctor, a mentor or a well wisher.

But whenever she is upset she always remembers that special day, the day he embraced her warmly and waited patiently for her to feel that alien emotion: A father’s love for his daughter. It took, what seems like, ages for her to unfreeze her mind, but finally she felt that warmth and when she did…she hugged him back tightly feeling safe in a father’s arms.

via Daily Prompt: Believe

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